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The Interdisciplinary Studies Program offers students the opportunity to pursue individually planned programs utilizing the rich resources delivered through UCF courses and faculty. For undergraduates, Interdisciplinary Studies offers unique degree tracks and many ways to create personalized programs of study. Students create combinations by choosing two of thirteen academic study areas plus one of several dozen minor degrees offered at UCF together with the two cutting edge Cornerstone and Capstone core courses.

Graduate students combine two core courses, two nine credit hour concentrations, a relevant elective course, and a master's level thesis under the guidance of a thesis committee to expand the knowledge base through interdisciplinary research. So what draws all of Interdisciplinary Studies together? Students in the program share a commitment to intellectual exploration, an interest in interdisciplinary work, belief in high-quality individualized education, and the motivation to learn for a variety of personal and professional reasons.


Office of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Classroom Building 1, Suite 302
  • 12601 Aquarius Agora Drive
  • P.O Box 161998
  • Orlando, FL 32816-1998
  • Phone: 407-823-0144
  • Fax: 407-823-2028
  • Email:
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College of Graduate Studies

  • Millican Hall, Suite 230
  • 4000 Central Florida Blvd.
  • Orlando, FL 32816
  • Phone: 407-823-2766
  • Fax: 407-823-6442
  • Mailing Address:
  • P.O. Box 160112, Orlando, FL 32816-0112